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Mid Evil Times Event ! If you missed Hershey this is it !

On January 26th the 5PM Show –  SSNY will sponsor a night to remember!  Dueling sword fights and magic!  Not to mention lots of yelling and eating with our hands!! ( kinda like a normal night!) 

Hi Folks!

We teamed up with Allstate NJ and the agents to help sponsor the Mid evil Times event for January 26 2019 5pm show!

Werre producing customer T-shirts for our group about 100!!  Each Agent that wishes to be a Prince or Princess will help us champion the day !  $250.00 donation helps support 5 individuals to get to our event!

Who will be at the round table!!

So far we have two individuals that have joined our quest !

  1. Andrea Lucciola Allstate Freehold Agent ! *Major Sponsor* 
  2. John Kane Allstate NJ President !
  3. Kevin and Janel Shanahan ( Allstate Customers!) honorary Allstaters!

If we hit our Goal I Sir Vincent Scanelli of Colts Neck will come to the event in proper attire !   Yes a full Knights armor !

Join Now !!

Join Sir Vincent Scanelli at the round table
Join Sir Vincent Scanelli at the round table!


Sponsor Opportunities !
$250.00 will get you on the T-shirt !
Imagine 100 plus individuals chanting in the crowd! they are all wearing matching shirts with YOUR name on it! Imagine how proud you will be! ( or you can just do it out of the kindness of your heart ) 

The first $1,000 donation gets the distinguished shoulder placement !
We call this King Arthur’s honor! 


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Hershey was a Big Hit!! Thank you all!

Hi Folks

we sent 37 individuals with 43 support persons on a wonderful trip to hershey park!

I was told the hotel was great and the water park was a big it !

Thank you to all our donors without you this would not be possible- some of these guys haven’t been

on a vacation for 4 years.  Judging the smiles I believe they enjoyed this one !


Reeses I’m going to eat you!
This Tram is a bit fast !
Were ready – where’s the Ice Cream!
I like the roller coaster better

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2018 Walk for Someone Special Needs you ! Big success! – SSNY walk 2018

2018 walk ! great event !

Thank you all for your support of SSNY walk 2018 ! we had a great turn out and the weather was kind ( little humid but no rain). The group was lively and happy ! please take a look at our photos. We will remember the friends we lost this year, we know they are in a better place but we will miss them.

Thank you


Our Friends we won’t forget

Thank you Allstate Foundation Agents !

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May 2018 Spring Event ! Lots of Smiles

by far one of the calmest event and everyone seemed very happy. Everyone enjoyed the cupcake craft ( I couldn’t get a photo because as soon as it was completed it was promptly eaten !)

Please take a look at the photos and a big thank you to our craft young lady lots of fun!

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Our Christmas event was the largest yet !

Our event was rescheduled from Dec 15 to the 22nd due to a snow storm that quickly sweep through Colts Neck. Well that didn’t stop over 53 individuals from coming the next week to see Santa! Santa made a special stop to see these wonderful children and adults.

This was our biggest showing yet and everyone seemed very happy and Santa did a great job checking his list. Lots of nice not so much Naughty!

Enjoy the photos !