How To Donate

People often ask us how they can help us if they do not have the time to volunteer but they wish to donate something, what do we need? Donations are always welcomed, we are a tax deductible non-profit. If you would like your donation to go toward a particular project please let us know, if not we will use it as the needs arise.

You may use the links below for donations. We also accept checks made out to Someone Special Needs You LLC.

Donations can also be in the form of appreciated assets like stock, Land or property. In the past, we have had people donate cars to us, as well as sponsor a monthly event. You can fill out the form on this page to Donate Assets.

Civic groups have offered funds from drives that they perform and services to us as well. Call or e-mail us to discuss your ideas! We are a small group and funds are limited so we will gladly accept most donations. Check with your company they may be able to match your donation! Donations helping individuals with Autism and disabilities live a better life.

Use the links below to Donate

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