About SSNY

About Us

We are located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Started by parents and local community leaders, Someone Special Needs You was a result of their concern for the lack of social activities provided for handicapped children. The founders also wanted to help families with handicapped children find a place where they could come together and share ideas and common concerns regarding Special Needs children and their role in our schools and in our society.

What We Do

At Someone Special Needs You meetings, we provide a variety of activates for our Special Children. Each evening is well planned with various events including crafts, exercise, singing, dancing, snacking, socializing, and just plain fun! We invite brothers and sisters of our Special Kids, and their friends, to assist as Buddies. Each buddy teams up with a Special Needs child and helps them through the activities. Our Buddies are fantastic! Plenty of parents and volunteers are on hand at all times. It’s always an evening full of laughter and love!

Our Mission

At Someone Special Needs You, we provide a social, recreational and creative outlet where individuals with Special Needs can express themselves. We also serve as a support system for families with Special Needs children. Our multi-faceted objective is to provide opportunities that will help individuals in Social and Life Skills to achieve independence and a higher quality of life. This includes residential homes and programs that enrich the lives of our individuals. Focused on quality and safety. 

Residential Homes

Were in the process of adding our third supportive home. It will house 4 individuals with support staff. The individuals have a great back yard in a wonderful neighborhood. Close to parks the beach and lots of activities. Our home will be safe places with quality of life as the number one priority. Thank you to all our supporter !