WERE BACK ! 2021 Walk for Autism ! June 19th

Yes Were Back ! the 2021 Walk for Autism !

This past year was a challenge but were ready to move forward !

Someone special, for those of you that might not be aware was started in 2000 by some parents with individuals with Autism. It started as a rec programs and grew into events that allowed our challenged individuals to participate in events, they had not been able to in the past. Like go on vacation, attend events. To have opportunities to do the things we have as typical individuals, have taken for granted.

Think about the past year and all the activities you missed. Simple things like shopping or eating out, spending time with friends or family. It was very depressing and took a toll on many of us. This is a normal challenge in the adult autistic’s lives. Limited opportunities for interactions and companionship things we always take for granted.

In the past with your help we were able to send 90 individuals to a three-day vacation at Hersey park, 103 individuals to medieval times, thanksgiving feasts, Christmas / Holiday events and more.

Now adding our first Residential Home !!

we hope you will make it visit the events page for details and donations !

Best Wishes!!!     Vince 

2019 walk for autism Vincent Scanelli

10am Kick off!