Our group was started by people like you.

non profit organization for autism

A non profit organization for autism established in 2000

SSNY, a non profit organization for autism has been going strong for 17 years going on 18 and we have enriched so many lives not only the individuals we serve but the volunteers who assist in our events. So many of our young adults have gone on to careers in the path of the Autism and disabilities from research, teaching, and health care.

SSNY is not going away and will continue to grow helping individuals with Autism and disabilities be a part of our community. Watch us grow!

We will be only holding a few SSNY monthly events. We are directing more focus on developing housing / work programs and we will be holding two events one in Nov on the 17th and the other on Dec 15 of this year.

This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about Someone Special Needs You, a non profit organization for autism founded in 2001.

Our group was started by people like you. Parents and volunteers who care. Our challenged children have a hard time finding situations to socialize in a safe environment.

Our meetings provide an opportunity for children with special needs to be able to develop peer relationships and have fun.

It is also a great way for children without disabilities that wish to volunteer. By being a buddy they can get a better understanding of our more challenged children.

To learn more about us, click on any item on our menu. If you have comments or questions, let us know by clicking Contact Us. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often for updated information.

Go to the Contact Us page and make sure we have all your contact info so we can keep you up to date!

We are in need of volunteers for next years events Please contact Vince asap for a time slot-for next seasons events we also need volunteers to be craft coordinators and event holders especially for the volunteer run dates (please see you dates page) all and any help is appreciated.

Thanks again for the Great Season!

Best Wishes, Vince.

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