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New Horizons in Autism

Dedicated to serving individuals with autism and their families in New Jersey by the following means deliver community based services, provide advocacy, support and technical assistance, increase public awareness and education about autism, contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of autism

Programs Group Residences, Vocational, Family Support Programs and Behavior Therapy.

Business & Information Network - Welcome to our community. This site has been established to assist local customers looking for information on local events, businesses, and artisans. We have created this directory as a free service to help serve your needs.

Autism NJ is a non-profit agency providing information and advocacy, services, family and professional education and consultation. COSAC encourages responsible basic and applied research that would lead to a lessening of the effects and potential prevention of autism. COSAC is dedicated to ensuring that all people with autism receive appropriate, effective services to maximize their growth potential and to enhance the overall awareness of autism in the general public.

Colts Neck Reform Church Life is a challenge. As members of the Colts Neck Reformed Church, we do our best to be a caring, accepting, and helpful group of people. We think it’s important to provide meaningful worship, sympathetic counseling, and a solid program of Christian education. We think preaching must be biblical and practical. We strive to build strong youth ministries and a community of people who support each other when the going gets tough. We strive to keep a balance between local autonomy and denominational services, between clergy and lay people, between individualism and structure.

Doors support group for Douglas Douglass Organization for Occupational and Related Educational Services, Inc. ("DOORS") is a parent-run organization which provides funding for various social, educational, and recreational services for students of Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center ("DDDC"), located on the Douglass College campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. These programs are essential to the total growth of an individual with autism. Traditionally, however, these kinds of programs don't often receive funding from state or local agencies, so DOORS was founded to fill the funding gap.

POAC Founded in 1999, POAC's mission is to improve the lives of children and adults with autism by providing scientifically-based training to parents, teachers, and other direct service providers. POAC supports ongoing quality research on the causes of autism, its symptoms, prevention and a potential cure. How Will POAC Accomplish Its Mission? POAC will utilize experts in the field to train teachers in the principles of applied behavioral analysis, direct instruction, and other teaching procedures based on research that have proven to be effective for teaching children with autism. POAC's purpose from the beginning was to involve "stakeholders" in the highest level of decision making regarding the education and treatment of children with autism. POAC's advisory board consists ONLY of parents, professionals and paraprofessionals that have demonstrated clinical expertise in teaching children with developmental disabilities.

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of NJ (SPAN)
SPAN's mission is to empower families and inform and involve professionals and other individuals interested in the healthy development and educational rights of children, to enable all children to become fully participating and contributing members of our communities and society.

NJ Dept of Education Home page
Great source for contacts and information on laws. Make sure you click on the special needs section.

The Monmouth County Arc - The Arc of Monmouth is a non-profit organization in Monmouth County, New Jersey providing services and supports for individuals who have cognitive and developmental disabilities and for their families.

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey is dedicated to the education and support of people with developmental disabilities including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, spina bifida and traumatic brain injury, their families, caregivers and health care professional. We provide comprehensive support, personalized services and advocacy for individuals and their families in order to maximize their participation in society.

The New Jersey Governor's Council on Autism was created by state statute in 1999. The Council funds research into the causes of and treatments for autism spectrum disorders. On this site, you'll be able to review the minutes of meetings, agendas for upcoming meetings, download copies of current requests for proposals (RFPs), and see abstracts of research grants that have been funded by the Council.

Surfers Healing - Surfers Healing seeks to enrich the lives of children with Autism and the lives of their families by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.