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Dec Event was Rescheduled ! New Date Dec 22nd !!

Our EVENT WAS RESCHEDULED due to the snow – this Friday the 22nd Santa will be there –

he said he will squeeze us in before the big day !


Santa will be there ! Pizza and activities and the Man in the Red Suite!  Be sure to come Santa is stopping by with gifts and candy !

Vol and Buddies please come at 5pm


A Big Cheese !


Thank you & Merry Christmas


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Thanksgiving event 2017- Thank you all !

Thanks you all for you support and help! This years our Thanksgiving feast was a great success. We served over 45 individuals with disabilities to a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, stuffing, ham, mash potatoes and all the fixings! There were a lot of smiling faces and it was a honor to be able to serve them. We had some extra help from our craft young woman and the support of St James CCD crew. Take a look at some of the photos

This year, remember to be truly Thankful, God bless you all.

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Parent Group is almost here!

Ok Folks its finally time !


Our first parent group meeting its almost here!  – I would Like to make this more of a meet and greet, maybe look to the direction of where you all would like this to move in.


I’m very excited and proud to say, I have the commitment from two of my past Someone Special Needs you buddies to moderate the meetings ( time flies)- I have always been amazed how SSNY seemed to make a difference in the direction of our buddies lives. Alyssa and Krissy are sisters with impressive backgrounds with knowledge in the special needs community. I have attached a short bio on each of them.


We are leaning on a Friday October 27 day meeting – there is also a possibility of a Saturday or Sunday but I often find that its easier for parents to get away during the day during the week – we could also have a evening meeting in the future.


Times-  10am to 11:00am or 1-2:30pm if you could email me at my work email

Parent Group !

with the preferred time and if you could attend that would be great


Thanks again





Alyssa Cantin-Giles Bio:

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist, with experience providing individual and group therapy to children, adolescents and adults, couples and families. I graduated from Wake Forest University, and have my Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University. Currently I am completing my dissertation for my PhD in Clinical Social Work at Fordham University. My experience with at-risk children and adolescents, adults and families in various settings has provided me with a strong foundation in utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to elicit change and foster growth within the individual, while maintaining a strength-based approach. Along with general mental health, I have a special interest in the field of disabilities as well as maternal health (e.g., miscarriage, IVF) and school-based concerns. I strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for my clients, with treatment tailored to their unique needs.


Krissy Cantin Garside bio: 

I am currently an Industrial and Systems Engineering PhD student with a Biomedical Option at Virginia Tech. In pursuit of my doctoral degree, I completed my Master of Engineering degree in May 2016. I am conducting my dissertation research on pattern recognition and health monitoring in autism spectrum disorder, funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and two Virginia-based grants. I am specifically researching the perspectives of caregivers of people with ASD and self-injurious behavior, and potential methods to monitor and predict this behavior. Prior to the start of my doctoral program, I graduated Wake Forest University with a double major in Physics and Psychology.  I conducted my Honors Psychology Program research on the effects of pink noise on children with autism, and I continued this research after graduation. I created and ran dance programs in the Winston-Salem community for people with ASD and Down syndrome, which originally began in Colts Neck after being heavily involved as a buddy Mr. Vincent Scanelli’s “Someone Special Needs You.


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Meeting Room almost ready!

Hello everyone – The Meeting Room is almost ready ! Someone Special Needs You new parent group!

The Colts Neck Agency has a large presentation / Meeting room they have just renovated and will allow us to use for our newly forming parent group for Someone Special Needs You.

Our meeting room is a large area that will allow us to have parent groups that can talk about issues and share info with each other.

I have always found that my richest information came from other parents.



Look for more information coming soon including a new host for our event!parent group autism

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Attention Buddies!!

Be a buddy! Teenagers and adults are needed to be a one-on-one companion/helper for each special needs kid. The only prerequisite is kindness! The hope is that regular monthly attendance will allow you to be assigned to the same child and build rapport with him/her as you know their levels of capability. Buddies are asked to make a commitment to at least 8 of the 10 months and be present 15 minutes before and after the children leave.

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Someone Special Needs You Christmas event Hosted by Colts Neck Insurance Agency!

Hello everyone! We wanted to thank you all for making our sponsored
Christmas event for individuals with Autism a complete success!
We gave out 45 individual – hand selected presents! Santa and Mrs. Clause came to
help distribute the gifts. Thank you again!

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Koi for Autism!

We have partnered for the last few years with Someone Special Needs You – I local nonprofit for individuals with Autism We have a 150 gal tank in the office and purchase select premium grade Koi as babies. The Koi live in a parasite free tank with high filtration utilizing ultraviolet lights. So they grow strong and healthy. Once the fish reach 8-12 inches they are sold and the money is donated to Someone Special Needs You.

We sold out this year and here is our newest patch of keepers! If you know of anyone looking for Koi please let them know about us they can be seen any business day 9-5. And prices are discounted vs retail.


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Disabled in the workforce

We have a young adult son that is severally disabled, he has Autism and has challenges that would cripple a strong man. Yet I have watched him work through those challenges and succeed. I look at Angelo and although he has limited speech and challenges that prevent him from independence with supports he achieves the unexpected.

He is currently working for a few hours in my office and a few other insurance agencies in the area scanning documents and he is completing data entry at Residency Select in Eatontown.

The Video below was part of a 40 year anniversary for the founder of Angelo’s school – it shows the success our individuals can achieve.

The reason for this post is that as business owners, be open to individuals with challenges. Even with small accommodations you will be very pleases with the outcome. Individuals like my son just need the opportunities and they not only succeed they excel, they enjoy work and look forward to it. To most it’s the highlight of the day. Self-worth is necessary for all of us especially to those with such little opportunities.

Keep an open mind and if the opportunity arises to connect with a challenged individual
– try it you will be very glad you did not only for that individual but for you.